Like what you see?

view my art. Then, let it ignite your soul.


Creating esthetically pleasing compositions that spark memories and feelings, creating a sense of pleasure that ignites the soul.


Embracing my creativity to challenge myself with every piece.  Conquering a new perspective, a new feeling, a new color scheme, a new idea to every painting.


Allowing my personal experiences, self growth and discipline to advance my talents as an artist.


The ability to capture a composition that brings light and distortion to the viewer's eye.  While giving each piece both a realistic and abstract appearance.

About alyssa Jane hoerl

Alyssa finished her fine arts degree in 2010 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  She also graduated with a double minor in art history and communications.  She then went on to complete her 200-Hour yoga certification in 2011.  Alyssa continued her studies in 2015 and became an Aesthetician, currently working at Spalon Montage- Edina.  She describes her "triangle" of jobs as a unique balance of esthetically combining the mind, body, and soul into all of her work.

She currently is focused on large-scale oil paintings of glassware, as well as commissioned work.  Her inspiration of the series stemmed from Dale Chihuly’s work, a glass blower, because of his unique designs.  Alyssa’s passion is using this idea to study the effects of light and distortion through glass while experimenting and creating her own compositions.​

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